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Letra de An Audience With Mr. Nice


La canción An Audience With Mr. Nice de Stereophonics es calificada como una formidable melodía que no tiene partes que pasen desapercibidas y que demuestra el vasto talento de su creador, en efecto, es un tema perfecto para disfrutar.

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Y dice...

Got A Phone Call Today From Mr. Nice,
He's Often Called, Once Or Twice,
He's On Stage In Town, Asked Me To Come Down,
I Was Five Minutes Late, I Had To Pop By The Gate,

I Stood At The Side, And I Listened And I Tried,
To Imagine The Life, That Gave Him That Smile,
"An Audience With" It Reads On The Bill,
A Man That Made His Millions, Smuggling For Thrills

Master Of Disguise And Masters Degrees,
Who's Goal In Life, To Set What Grows Free,
I Have A Drink And A Smoke, And Some Think Its A Joke
And Summon Some Pain, They Can't Take Up The Strain

And I Like Stories Told, And Will 'till I'm Old,
All The One's Growing Up, Are Gonna Love What We've Known,
Is It Going To Fast? Am I Living In The Past?
Do We Think Anymore? Or Live Behind Our Closed Doors?

There's Something About A Man On A Stage,
To Make You Listen And Think 'i Wanna Come Back Again'
So Mr. Nice Stared, It Is,
I'm Glad You Called, I Had Me A Ball.


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